Fantapper lets you create, discover, organize, and revel in life experiences. Planning some fun with a group of friends - concerts, sporting events, parties or vacations? Want to see everyone's pix, vids and files in one place? Want to keep your experiences private...share it with just a few friends....or share it with the world? It's easy with Fantapper.

Discover It.

Fantapper is a place to discover inspiring ideas, interesting happenings and celebrity content. What you will discover is endless... rewarding... addictive.

Whether you want to explore by categories or search by keywords, keep up with your friends and family, or follow your favorite celebrities, with Fantapper you're sure to become a fan of something... or everything.

Inspiring Ideas

From muscle cars, exotic vacation spots, pictures and videos of your favorite athletes, to latest fashion trends, you can find it all. If you don't see it, tap it!

Friends' and Family's Happenings

Stay connected to those you love. Fan their channels to browse their personal pictures and videos and all the other things they find interesting.

Exclusive celebrity content

Follow your favorite celebrities by becoming a fan of their channels. Get access to celebrity-related apps by using the Web App.

Start discovering today.

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Tap It.

How many times have you come across a great image online and wanted to save or share it? Or what about all the pictures and videos you take that stay in random folders on your computer & phone, never to be seen again? Do you wish you could keep them all organized in one place? Now you can.

With Fantapper, you can add pictures, videos, articles and other things you want to save or share to your own channels – we call this tapping. There are many different ways to tap with Fantapper:

Tap your own stuff

Add your personal photos and videos from your computer and organize them into different channels.

retap other people's stuff

Browse what others are tapping and if you find something you like, retap it to your own channel to keep or share.

Tap the Web

Get the Web App and tap photos or videos you find anywhere online. As an added bonus, you will also get access to Fantapper's celebrity-related apps and web enhancements.

Tap from your phone

Use the Fantapper Mobile App for iPhone or Android and tap images and videos on the go! You can use the app to view feeds from people you follow, as well as share taps on Facebook and Twitter.

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Share it (or not).

We all have the common urge to share and connect with others. Fantapper is the best way to show your fans your ideas, what inspires you and all your happenings. Tap photos, videos, and most file types. Upload up to 50 images at once.

With Fantapper, it's simple to organize and categorize your taps and channels and then share them (or not) with whomever you want. You can make channels public, private or shared with just a select few. You can even have multiple contributors to a channel, making collaboration easy and fun.

Show and tell just got a whole lot cooler.